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Welcome to the   MEJORIS Hospitality Consultancy Services Web site.

MEJORIS is a Hospitality Consultancy Agency created with the  specific aim of assisting Hotels, Restaurants and other related organisations to improve their performance. When you improve your company's performance you will  also improve your bottom line - your profitability.

Our portfolio consists entirely on the Accommodation and Catering businesses. We do not treat this important sector as one  component of our business but it is our entire business.

Over the few years that we have been in business we have managed to be recognised as one of the leading Hospitality Management consultancies in Malta. Our reputation has even reached foreign shores where we have been contacted to carry out a number of presentations.

We have also been recognised by the Malta Tourism Authority as one of the very few companies officially authorised to carry out Mystery Guest Audits in hotels in Malta and Gozo with the aim of issuing Quality Service Certifications for those properties that achieve the required level of service. We are proud to say that we were the first company to manage to get the first hotels through the certification process.

So if you are looking for a company to assist you in; maximising profits, train your workforce, audit your operation, designing your Standard Operation Procedures(SOPs) or to achieve the MTA Quality Service certification we are certain that we will be able to assist you in achieving your goals!


We can IMPROVE your performance!


Charles Martin  MSc, FIH, MIM, ICC,   MAHE                                          Managing Partner




































































Company Objectives

Our initial main objective was to assist the smaller companies that due to their size find it difficult to get this much needed support. Our Consultancy was built around the knowledge that smaller companies can ill afford the large expenses normally associated with such services. We therefore offer our services using a very reasonable pricing structure thus making it much more cost effective and certainly mutually beneficial. However, this does not exclude major properties and we are proud to say that amongst our clients we have both international Chain hotels and independent properties of all sizes.

The network of local and international consultants that we have set up boasts of expertise having a number of years of hands-on experience within the Hospitality and Catering industries. We are sure that our consultants will provide you with sound practical advice based on their past experiences.
















Mission Statement

At MEJORIS we aim to assist businesses further develop their operation. We promise to be cost effective and to deliver a high quality service within theestablished time-frame through our professional workforce.











1st November 2011

115 The Strand Palace Aparthotel has signed up to the Mejoris Service Quality programme. It is hoped that through this programme the level of service at the Aparthotel will be drastically improved to the satisfaction of both the hotel Guests and the hotel management.


15th October 2011

We have just launched a new programme aimed at independent hotels to improve their Quality Service at their property. During initial discussion we have had with some interested hotel managers and owners this programme is being received very possitively. This low cost programme is based on the Customers' expectations and is managed by the company employees rather than the traditional manner of the hotel management.


3rd March 2011

Qawra Palace hotel is the latest hotel property to sign up with Mejoris / Allsafe partnership to have the property HACCP complient. This is another feather in the cap of this partnership.


20th December 2010

Le Meridien St Julian's has signed with Mejoriis / Allsafe Ltd to have HACCP implenented at the 5 Star property to ensure that their food operation satisfies the stringest safety measures to ensure that their property serves safe food to all their customers. 



29th November 2010

Le Mere Restaurant also sign up to start the implementation of HACCP at the restaurant. This should be finalised out during 2011.



19th February 2010

Cosmana Navarra Restaurant joins the ever increasing number of establishments signing up to have HACCP implemented by our firm.


9th November 2009

Another Restaurant signs up to implement the HACCP Food Management system in the restaurant.

The Mamma Mia Restarurant has agreed to implement HACCP at their restaurant. This is expected to take a few months to implement and should involve all employees doing their share to have the system up and running thus ensuring their clients of Safe Food at the restaurant.


1st March 2009

We launch a new programme aimed at students who will be looking for a summer job. This induction programme will prepare these new entrants into the Hospitality world by giving them the basic needs for performing a better job and to be able to communicate moer effectively with their customers. We will also try to assist all  participants in finding a job on successfull completion of the short programme.



20th February 2009

ETC launches training Assistance Programme

The ETC has today lauched an EU funding schemes aimed at Training of employees where companies can be refunded up to 80% of their training costs. Read more in our Services section.




1st December 2008

Pergola Club Hotel reconfirms their Quality Standard

The 4-star hotel situated in Mellieha has again gone through the process of being assessed to the Malta Tourism Authority quality standards.

This process similar to last year was assisted by Mejoris HCS and the hotel was found to offer its clients the expected level of service in accordance to the levels established by the Authority. This shows the commitment that the hotel management and the employees have made towards their clients. Ms Elaine Cutajar Debono the hotel General Manager stated that this process pays a mojor part in their endevours to improve the service that the hotel offers its clients. The process shows the areas where the hotel is excelling and where more work needs to be done, however all employees should feel proud that for a second year they have managed to achieve this certification.




1st November 2008

Following an extensive refurbishing programme which saw almost the complete total dismantilment of the office we have moved back to the offices in Testaferrata Street. We would like to inform all clients that they can contact us on Tel and Fax No: 27 320140.


18th July 2008

Dolmen Resort Hotel passes the MTA Quality Service Certification

It is our pleasure to announce that the 4 star Dolmen Resort Hotel of Bugibba has passed the MTA Quality Service standard and is expected to receive the MTA Certification later in the coming weeks. The certification process was conducted by our company and it is with great pride to state that we are the only company who up to now have assisted the two hotels to achieve this certification.

As has happened with the first hotel we provide a two step process to ensure that the hotel improves its operation and thus ensures certification. This is done by first we carry out a Pre-Audit to identify the hotels strengths and weaknesses. This will give the hotel property the advantage of adjusting or improving its weaknesses thus offering a higher service to its clients through this process. The second step is to have the hotel audited through a Mystery Guest visit. Should the hotel pass this test the results are communicated to the Quality Section of the Malta Tourism Authority who check that all is in order before the certificate is issued.

The Quality Service Certification is valid for 12 months.




26th October 2007

Pergola Club Hotel is presented with Quality Service Certificate

In a private ceremony held at the hotel, the Pergola Club Hotel was presented with the MTA Quality Certification. The presentation was made by Mr Sam Mifsud Chairman of the Malta Tourism Authority to the hotel's Managing Director Mr John Grima. Present for the presentation were the Hotel's General Manager Mr. David Debono, the Quality Directorate Director Mr. Frank Farrugia and the Managing Partner of MEJORIS HCS Mr. Charles Martin who assisted the hotel in achieving the certification. In a few words during the ceremony Mr Mifsud congratulated the hotel for this achievement and wished the property more success for the fu ture. In accepting the certificate Mr Grima praised the initiative as a way forward in ensuring better service in the hospitality industry. Mr Martin praised the hotel for its participation in the audit and the employees for their willingness to use the certification as a learning tool to improve the service provided to their guests.



1st October 2007

A second hotel undergoing the MTA Quality Service Certification process with MEJORIS HCS.

We are at present in discussion with a second property that intends to go for the MTA Quality Service Certification. More details will be published as when appropriate




28th September 2007

Pergola Club Hotel passes the MTA Quality Service Certification

The first hotel to qualify for the MTA Quality Service Certification is to be presented with the certificate by the MTA and MEJORIS HCS in the comming days.

Pergola Club Hotel was the first hotel property to show interest and go through the process of obtaining the MTA Quality Service Certification. This was a first for both the Hotel and for MEJORIS HCS.

The process was quite lengthy as first the property had to unde rgo an initial evaluation to identify its strengths and weaknesses. The second stage was for the hotel property to attend to the identified weaknesses so that these were smoothed out. The third and final stage was for the Auditors to visit incognito and assess the services as provided to the guests.

"We are proud of being the first hotel property to achieve the MTA Quality Service Certification and to set up a benchmark for others to follow" stated Mr. David Debono General Manager of the Pergola Club Hotel.

"This certification is proof that your hotel has achieved the highest recognition in Malta in Service Quality and proves, if ever there was need, that your hotel puts the clients' expectations as its focal point. Through such certification everyone is a winner. We certainly need other properties to follow your example and prove to the world that we have high quality hotels in Malta" stated Mr. Charles Martin the Managing Partner of MEJORIS HCS when commenting on the Pergola's achievement.



20th September 2007

Changes in the Quality Service Certification

Following a meeting between the MTA and our company it has been agreed that some changes will be made to the Quality Service Certification system. It was agreed that following the first finalisation of the certification process and the experience gathered from this process, the certificates will now be issued as Malta Tourism Authority certificates rather than the company doing the audit. This will give more wait to the certificate since these will be issued by the Authority whilst ensuring that the process will be audited by Mystery Guest Companies who will audit the hotels incognito. It was also agreed that all hotel properties gaining the certification will be flagged in the Authority's website with a special Quality label, thus giving them a new marketing tool as this will set them apart from the rest. A Quality label will also be issued by the MTA for the properties to use in all their promotional material.



10th to 26th September 2007

BOV Customer Care Courses

All Bank of Valletta employees at the bank's Customer Care Center have undergone a training programme aimed to improve their customer handling techniques so as to be more effective when handling calls from clients. The aim of the course was to make the employees aware of the benefits of providing an Excellent Customer Service to all their customers as a tool of improving the great customer relationship the bank already has with its customers.

The courses were held over a 3 week period in the afternoons so as to have the minimum disruption of the work at the center.





5th September 2007

MEJORIS HCS, Allsafe Malta Ltd and Waterfront sign agreement

The Waterfront Hotel has entrusted the implementation of a HACCP system at its premises to MEJORIS HCS and Allsafe Malta Ltd. This programme of works includes both the necessary training  of key personnel and all other Food & Beverage employees and the actual implementation of the system. It is envisaged that this programme will take some 12  months  to finalise, taking into consideration the busy period of the hotel operation thus minimising the effect that necessary changes will have on the operation and the hotel guests.

MEJORIS HCS and Allsafe Malta Ltd have established collaborative working agreement for a few months now and several assignments have been won through this collaboration.

The Waterfront Hotel is a quality 4 star hotel situated on the beautiful Sliema Seafront promenade offering its guest modern accommodation in a very central location.